Protection on the Left Flank

The Labour party demonstrated its attitude to the Liberal Democrats after the election: They thought that the other left of centre party was theirs for the taking, and any Lib Dem votes could be added to theirs in an ‘anti-Tory alliance’. This was true for about a third of Lib Dem voters. Tories make the same mistake with UKIP.

When asked what they wanted to see from the election the voters seemed to indicate that a hung parliament was their favoured option, and that a Lib-Con alliance was what they wanted to see. Whilst I wanted to see a big Tory majority, I am disgustingly satisfied with most of what’s come out of the Government since the election. This poses a problem for the Political blogger. I have no-one to rant against. I am reduced to apologising and defending government actions against people that disagree. So If you think you’re going to see right-wing firebrand ranting against the CGT raise, you won’t. I don’t agree with the policy. But as it’s (1) Temporary (2) a simplification in that it’s a tax at the same rate as income taxation & (3) ‘paying for’ a rise in the income tax threshold to £10k, I think I can let it slide.

And this is the point of Coalition. If I can be persuaded that some dodgy policies are necessary, at least in the short term, imagine what the Liberal Democrats in Government are doing to the left. As I mentioned above, the Labour party HATE the Tories. But they will not be able to muster the passion in their activists against the EVIL Tories because their fellow-travellers have got into Government too.

Maybe it will force the Labour activist base to reappraise their view of Tories as evil, rich class enemies. Many Labour people assume Tories are naturally authoritarian. We are not. We are only interested in ‘the rich’. We are not. We are bigoted. We are not. And perhaps because the Liberal Democrats have seen this, eventually the Labour party will too. In the mean time, the leftist opposition will be blunted by the presence of genuine left wingers, albeit ones who see what needs to be done to fix the country, in Government.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see gentlemanly politics return to Westminster, and freedom to the country.

Or am I just demonstrating a hopeless optimism?

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  1. JimmyGiro
    JimmyGiro says:

    Never underestimate the capacity of utopians to dream up a grievance.

    And don't forget, there are still legions of quangos kicking around, to spoil a good life. Now that they have lost their patrons, they may all become at once feral; so lots of good hunting to come.

  2. Lord T
    Lord T says:

    Fingers crossed you are right but I suspect it is hopeless optimism.

    These are after all politicians we are talking about. Not ordinary people. Their only driver is self interest.

    When the alliance falls apart if there is a new Labour leader in place they will have talks and an alliance with them quicker than a politician fills out an expense claim form. The tories will be left with cameron whom the electorate has already spoken about and hello NewNew Labour. Since Gordo left Labour membership has gone up thousands. Their voter base will be back and camerons pathetic pleas that Labour will get in won't sway people who want a real tory party.

  3. Henry Crun
    Henry Crun says:

    Well put Jackart. I must admit I was sceptical about the Con-Lib coalition but anything is better than Brown.

    Today's PMQs may give us an indication of how Cameron will handle the weekly parliamentary bunfight. He has to be the complete opposite of Brown and not use it as an opportunity for grandstanding and attacking the opposition. He must be forthright in his answers and rise above what will be petty sniping from the opposition benches.

  4. Piers
    Piers says:

    you know what I'd really like as a handy reference tool? Listed examples of the labour hypocrisy, ineptitude and lies in specific areas, such as:

    wasting money

    stealing money

    destroying the national fabric

    reneged promises

    announcements of investigations into topics of the fay that never resulted

    hiding bad news on days where they thought thet'd get away with it

    ensuring that the school lottery becomes more of a fiasco every year

    telling blatant lies

    creating a police state of fear and intimidation



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