Those BA Stirkes

Now the issue as I understand it is that the BA cabin crew are amongst the best remunerated in the industry. BA also flies with the greatest number of Cabin crew per flight. BA wishes to reduce the number of crew per flight (to a figure still some way above the industry average) and cut the pay of new recruits (not existing employees) because it has struggeld to make money in the face of onerous pension liabilities, the economic downturn, the ash cloud and oil-prices. The Union, for some reason, thinks this completely unacceptable, and calls strikes with the potential to bankrupt the company, thus ensuring that UNISON members (and the colateral damage of everyone else at BA) lose their jobs and pension.

This strikes me as so HEROICALLY counterproductive, the only reason I can see for this is the internal politics of the Labour movement. A big strike, and a high profile corporate casualty would strenghten UNITE and Wheelan in the battle to shape the Labour party. BA employees voting for a strike are pawns in someone elses game of chess.

Or am I being a tin-foil hatted conspiracy lunatic who should spend less time on t’interweb?

Declaration: The writer hopes to fly BA this week.

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  1. Umbongo
    Umbongo says:

    The BBC – last night – was not making it clear in its news bulletins that the "offer" from Unite was only to suspend the strike in return for restoration of cabin crew perks, not to call off the strikes altogether.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Do you not think that if you're trying to strengthen the unions then demonstrating how dinosaur like they are by unite bankrupting BA is also heroically counterproductive.

  3. Demetrius
    Demetrius says:

    The Ultra lefties want it to go bust to land the Government with a right mess and a pension fund in very serious deficit. Blair used to call it creative destruction.

  4. JimmyGiro
    JimmyGiro says:

    Quite so Demetrius.

    I've predicted that the left would unleash Parthian shots via its client state of unions and quangos.

    And isn't it queer, that ZanuLabour sold us the idea that Eastern European immigrant workers was a good thing, due to economic benefits to the 'jobs market', making wages more competitive, thus raising commerce. But when businesses try acting on this principle, they are condemned.

    Similarly, if the 'immigrant benefit' argument is true, then why not abolish the national minimum wage scheme; since that clearly undermines the 'economic power' of those who are prepared to undercut others, due to financial desperation, or skills deficit.

    ZanuLabour and the Unions, are clearly fascist organisations; we are not free to make our own market choices, since we have been 'liberated by equality', to do what we are told is right, or else!

    BA should call the bluff and risk sacking all the strikers, then open the door to lower waged volunteers, or even make it 'self service' flights.


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