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I’ve a piece up at Hagley Road to Ladywood, on how the Coalition is the best Government we’ve had in generations. Go and make a nuisance of yourselves over there.

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  1. JimmyGiro
    JimmyGiro says:

    Poo, they expect people to subscribe before commenting.

    "…40% of them anyway, to be uninterested in how their country is governed."

    That maybe true, but then again, that figure will contain 'embarrassed old labour' voters; who could have, if push came to shove, voted for the old evil; and socialist-fascism thrives during catastrophes.

    I like to think that 40% didn't vote because they were sick of 'politics', rather than idle; and if the ballots had the vote option of "none of the above", that mass of the disaffected would have turned up to 'dis-vote'.

    If I'm right, then we should be grateful that the ZanuLabour propaganda machine failed, and thereby revealed the British as still possessing a semblance of individuality; the bane of fascism.

  2. JimmyGiro
    JimmyGiro says:

    I should add that, although I don't believe the none-voters were all idle, I do believe that most of those that did vote for ZanuLabour, are either uninterested in political morality, or worse, knew what they were voting for!

  3. Mr Ecks
    Mr Ecks says:

    A few good points on your post Jackart but lots of crap too.

    Your pally relationship with Bobbyboy is not too amusing when I think of the 150 million poor bastards murdered by socialism so far.He is an active supporter of evil.

    The Cleggerons have so far looked much less oppresive than ZaNu mainly by contrast.

    However they are traitors all to this country regarding the EU( your frankly demented idea that the EU is no big deal is your biggest weakness–remember that when you are sniffing the stink from your EU ordered slop bucket.)

    The other danger from the Cleggerons is their brazen endorsement of the entire marxist based green madness. If it is not stopped and better still smashed this insanity puts the entire future of humanity in doubt.

    Although when you are sitting in the dark because windmills can't cut it and electricity is rationed, the stink from the slop bucket will give you a chance to navigate your home in the dark.

  4. Mark @ Israel
    Mark @ Israel says:

    Months ago, many were skeptic about the success of the Coalition. I was also not positive about it. But with how things are going, it seems that it could be the best we ever had. May it stay long for our good.


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