Skimmer ships

After Hurricane Katrina, George Bush suspended the Jones Act which requires that ships plying trade between US ports must be US registered and have 75% US crews (unionised, naturally).

Obama has NOT suspened this act meaning dozens of Skimmer ships – a type of ship designed to clean oil from the sea, the best of which are European are unavailable to help contain the Gulf of Mexico spill. Dutch ships are standing by. These have not been allowed to enter US territorial waters, despite the requests of a number of locals politicians from the affected area Republicans. The answer given will be because these ships don’t perfectly clean the water, and leave small residue with the water they pump back out of the storage tanks. The real reason, of course, will be union pressure to sustain a despicable piece of typically American protectionism.

I told you he’d disappoint.

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  1. banned
    banned says:

    Its worse than that, my feeling is that Obama is doing his best to make the disaster worse than it need be so as to screw over BP and promote his Green Economy nonsense.

    It's like a gift for him since 'csp&trade' waas running into trouble.

  2. JimmyGiro
    JimmyGiro says:

    I agree banned,

    I'd add, that any 'socialist' government needs an 'enemy' to corral its sheeple into its fascist aims; any disaster will do, as long as it can be pinned on an enemy of convenience.

    We need a nuclear deterrent that isn't controlled by Washington.


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