Farewell, Mr Eugenides…

I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr Eugenides once, in St Stephen’s Tavern, Westminster, which is also where I first met Trixy, The Devil, The Nameless Libertarian and other potty-mouthed Labour-haters. Stout fellows, all. I can confirm Mr Eugenides is as entertaining in person as he is on his blog. And he had? has, by far, the best Avatar in the blogosphere. He is alas hanging up his στυλό.

I share the scepticism of some readers towards many aspects of the new government’s platform, and worry that their reforms will be too timid, their policies wrong-headed, their instincts far from libertarian. I worry, in short, that they will disappoint us, as I know you do too.

But what I don’t have now is that same hate. The last administration filled me with disgust; the mere sight on my telly of a Charles Clarke, a John Reid, a – God forgive me for even typing the words! – Patricia Hewitt, sent me flying into almost uncontrollable loathing. And without fury, without rage, without spite, this blog is nothing, really – or at least, not what it was – because the way it’s written, it is set up for polemic, not placid discussion.

Rest assured, though I too don’t feel the same rage as I did when Gordon Brown was placing his Hex on the United Kingdom, I will be continuing in harness until Labour’s corpse stops twitching. I am enthusiastic in my support for much of this Government’s agenda, but will continue to point out their stupidities and failures. There is much, much stupidity still out there, the Unions are flexing their muscles, Polly Toynbee still draws breath, and inexplicably gets paid for her “thoughts”; Will Hutton manages to persuade people that he knows what he’s talking about when the Think Tank he runs has just gone bust, and the Government contains its fair share of Authoritarian nanny-staters. (Just please don’t forget just how dreadful the last lot were in comparison). There is much work for the Libertarian movement to do, and many of us are disappointed that one of our most consistently entertaining advocates will not be providing daily belly-laughs.

I for one am leaving his Blog in my reader. I’ve seen it many times: it’s not the end, it’s a break for the creative juices to get flowing again. I give him 3 months before his apologetic and embarassed return. Blogging, you see, is harder to quit than crack. He recently joined Twitter, which as many of you know, is a Time-eater extraordinaire. Is this the real reason for the demise of the Angry Baby? Anyway, whatever the reason. I hope you join me in wishing him well.

I’ve been Mr Eugenides, and you’ve been a wonderful audience. Good night, and good luck.

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  1. Charles
    Charles says:

    A little disappointed you are planning to stop when Labours corpse stops twitching…

    Premature perhaps?

    I won't rest until it is cut into pieces and buried in the 4 corners of the land (with a stake through the heart for good measure)

  2. John M Ward
    John M Ward says:

    I suspect you might be right about Twitter, which is an effect I have seen with a number of bloggers (e.g. Tory Bear) whose efforts seem to be concentrated on tweeting.

    It's obviously easier than blogging in some ways, and (I get the feeling) more ego-satisfying; but it ain't the Real Thing and never can be.

    I hope your assessment is correct, and that Mr E returns in due course. Others have done so (though I doubt I shall, and will stick to commenting in future) and there is every reason to believe the "angry baby" could well end up doing likewise.

  3. Mr Eugenides
    Mr Eugenides says:

    Very kind words.

    I may return; in the long term, in one format or another, I probably will.

    But for the time being, at least, I will concentrate on real life. Until then, keep up the good work…


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