Police Pay & Conditions.

Inspector Gadget delivers a description of the underclass estate in “ruralshire” which demonstrates total contempt for the community he serves, then asks for a pay rise

You want to ‘review’ the pay and conditions of the only people left who will go into these areas? What kind of nation fights two needless and ultimately unwinnable foreign wars while its own emergency services have their pay reduced? I lost thousands last year when our SPP’s were scrapped…

My heart is bleeding purple piss for you. I’ll tell you what, take a leaf out of the Army’s book (a Private soldier in the infantry is paid much less to take far more risk than the Police). Go in and do the job out of a sense of duty, it’s what you supposedly signed up for. And don’t bleat about the “risk”. Most coppers are at more risk of a paper-cut than a bullet or knife, and you’re no-where near the top 10 most dangerous jobs in Britain. You don’t see deep sea fishermen or construction workers asking for special favours, and they’ve endured FAR worse at the hands of this recession.

The chavs aren’t Wahhabi-inspired AK-47 toting jihadists. They’re kids with nothing to do. Yet they terrify the “brave” police officers of ruralshire’s constabulary. Maybe the police will be worth a pay rise, when they go in and sort out the sink estates rather than harassing the motorist, or chasing easy sanction-detections. Again, take a leaf out of the Army’s book – agressive patrolling is good for friendly morale, and bad for the enemy’s. Get out of your cars and get seen on the ground in the areas where the problem is. Help and support the decent people of the sink estate, because they exist but with their heads down, and keep an eye on the bad apples.

The police have lost their NuLab top-cover. It’s time they started to do their job again. Just a thought…

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  1. JimmyGiro
    JimmyGiro says:

    A few months ago, the local police (Hampshire Constabulary) which come over to the Isle of Wight, explained to the rate payers of the Island, that they require an extra £0.5M from them, to replace the bullet proof armour that the boys and girls from Hampshire need.

    To my knowledge, no police officer has ever been stabbed or shot, on the Isle of Wight; so their previous armour still has full integrity; unlike the Hampshire Constabulary.

  2. Malcolm Bracken
    Malcolm Bracken says:

    Er… I don't give a shit. He's bleating about pay and conditions. He and his friends need to stop bleating and start patrolling.

    And start having some sympathy for the people the police have abandoned.

  3. Curbishlyauto
    Curbishlyauto says:

    Grow up sonny.

    It's all so easy sitting in your armchair isn't it?

    Suggest you carry on reading the Daily Mail with their anti-police campaign and really allow your stupidity to flow.

  4. Nathan
    Nathan says:

    One of my fondest memories of living in a poor area in Sheffield a few years ago is about Police sorting out a dross estate. They got a little team together, 6 PCs and a Sergeant I think it was, and did hi-vis patrols day and night. Only took about 2 months until an uninhabitable estate was a lovely and safe place to live in and walk through – and the council were able to put in a new playground and community centre with no worry about vandalism.

    Then the coppers spread out a bit, keeping an eye on the estate, but popping in to the roads alongside, including mine. We had problems with two groups of toerags, a pair about 12 (one now inside for manslaughter) and a gang of 4 seven or eight year olds. Sound pretty harmless, but they did some pretty significant damage and made living there hell. One afternoon I had the pleasure of calling the boys and girls in blue on 2 of the younger louts who were smashing a phonebox in with a golf club. Not long after, two coppers showed up in a pandacar (two female coppers, which I mention only because it makes the next bit better), caught the little buggers red handed. They read them the riot act right there on the street for about 15 minutes. In front of all the louts' friends. They made them cry! Made my day.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


    You're bang on. The coppers have spent too long running speed cameras etc. As the chief constable admitted – at a time when police numbers have never been higher, their desire to patrol the streets has never been lower.

    I’d admit the judiciary betrays them at every turn, but the police’s cowardice is still the more striking; insult a police horse and get arrested – get burgled and the police most likely won’t bother to turn up. As for Gadget, he needs to look at his management. Our dislike for modern coppers comes from them not from Gadget. However his pious whines are starting to grate. He’s having a go at politicians and the broader desire to get a better response from the police and he’s plays the whine card. Sorry mate, sort your own house out first; if you were doing your best the people would understand, but right now our perception is that most (not all) of you are desk riding lazy bastards.

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    You're taking that paragraph out of context and it's a pity because if you'd read the rest of it, you'd appreciate that he was actually having a go at what was wrong about his job these days. Low numbers due to government targets and paperwork, arresting culprits who get let off at court and basically taking the mickey out of overpaid senior officers.

    The old "Speed cameras" "Easy taregts" criticism? Everyone who knows a police officer also knows that the cameras and targets were set by the government and most officers didn't agree with them.

    Let's have a bit of balance…


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