Something for the Milliband Brothers perhaps.

Why would anyone buy M&S padded briefs for men wanting “frontal enhancement”. Imagine picking up a girl whilst wearing these (surely the reason one would buy them is because they think this might be easier). At some point before “making the beast with two backs” is a little bit of manual exploration. “Are those padded briefs?” she’d ask. “Yes. Yes they are”, you’d reply.


And before you ask why I was brousing “Lingerie Buyer”, a good friend runs Amoralia, who make pretty maternity underwear, and I follow their blog. So there.

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  1. H
    H says:

    Surely no more than a modern cod-piece? If Henry VIII felt no shame in displaying a preposterous false member, why should I, assuming, entirely hypothetically of course, that I was in any such need?

  2. Jonathan Miller
    Jonathan Miller says:

    "who make pretty maternity underwear, and I follow their blog. So there." each his own! 🙂

    The link you posted left me bemused:
    "Marks & Spencer's new front-enhancement boxer shorts … offer a greater side profile with a hidden front […]

    A hidden front what!?


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