No-Fly-Zones & the “Wisdom” of Cowards.

There’s no point setting up a No-Fly-Zone in Libya because the killing is going on, on the ground; and because in any case, by the time it’s set up, All of libya will be Gadaffi’s once more. I think I have summarised the position of Thinking Strategically.

1) An international No-Fly-Zone would have limited, but still some military value to the insurgents. However its main benefit would be to send a powerful signal to the young men facing tanks armed with just .50 calibres on the back of Toyotas, that they were not alone. Never under estimate the importance of such things to fighting men.

2) It ain’t over. Gadaffi may have all the toys but is he powerful enough to subdue a hostile city, one which may be recieving material from outside? The insurgents are deploying a handful of tanks, and some artillery. No doubt their command and control are improving daily. The battle for Libya may last a year or more.

3) How popular is Gadaffi? Will young men coming from the Benghazi front in body-bags cause the people supplying the troops to turn against him? If he’s using mercenaries, how will he pay them?

Now chuck the might of NATO plus assorted Arab airforces into the mix, especially if as the US seemed to be hinting today, the planes in question might be doing more than a No-Fly-Zone.

Is it pointless to intervene in Libya?

What about the risks? We lose a plane? Meh (…if we rescue the pilot…). A pilot down, worse, but they’re trained in desert survival, and if they can’t take a joke, they shouldn’t be in the cockpit. Besides if there’s a NFZ, we can get a chopper to them quicker than Gadaffi’s thugs without too much problem. War has risks, which are accepted by the men and women who fight it.

I fail to see how this represents a greater risk than the opportunity to get rid of a dangerously capricious clown whose goons are responsible for 1) the greatest act of mass-murder on British soil 2) consistent support for anti-western terrorists, including the IRA. 3) the murder of a Policewoman and 4) serial and serious crimes against fashion.

We should have RAF jets over libya now. Tomorrow at the latest, last Thursday if possible.

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  1. banned
    banned says:

    Saudi Arabia has one of the glitziest air forces in the world, why don't they use it for the UN sanctioned no-fly zone since they have taken to armed intervention in their neighbours affairs (Bahrain)?

  2. Boy on a bike
    Boy on a bike says:

    The yanks should do a few arclight missions on the highway outside Tripoli. That would send a message to Gaddafi's troops – "You want to go west? You have to drive through this".

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    If this (U.K.) was a free country, we as individuals could help out, people like me could go out there and fight with their own arms and overthrow the government, payment would be by us helping ourself to booty, loot, plunder.
    Problem solved.

  4. myqui
    myqui says:

    Is it pointless to intervene in Libya?
    Yes, of course it is. In what posible way, shape or form can British submarines lobbing missiles into North Africa be a good idea? I'm sure the muslim brotherhood just can't wait for infidels to cue up their anti-west sentiment…the caliphate is coming and I can see no reason to help it along.

  5. Umbongo
    Umbongo says:

    As in Iraq, the obvious strategy is simply to bump off the glorious leader. Sure, we can kid ourselves that a vast expenditure of military materiel is (and was) necessary but, really, who's kidding whom? Neither Iraq nor Libya are or can be democracies in the European tradition: the most they can hope for is a succession of more or less benevolent dictatorships punctuated by once-a-generation "revolutions".

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Gaddafi taken down and a constitutional republic focused on drawing up a bill of fundamental rights placing him – or Gaddafi taken down and a 'Islamic democracy' with as much 'freedom' and any other middle eastern crap-hole replacing him?

    Which is a more plausible outcome?


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