Another Piece of Labour’s Subtle Electoral Corruption

Sometimes the British state amazes me. Sometimes soldiers, both TA and regular get sent somewhere at short notice. The same is true of businessmen, salesmen, and a large number of individuals in the private sector. I imagine fewer people in the public sector have to travel at short notice such that they would not be able to vote.

Such short-notice travel is NOT grounds for an emergency proxy vote. The ONLY grounds for the granting of a proxy vote after the cut-off date, two weeks before the poll, is a medical emergency. This is the LAW, and boy, do public “servants” in town halls seem to enjoy telling soldiers that the democracy they are called to fight to defend is not, at this time, open to them. Unless of course they get shot, when it might be.

Not satisfied with the answer from the “head of democratic services” at my council, whom I suspected of being an officious oik, because he not only didn’t see that this was something to apologise for, but who also refused to give me his name when challenged about his frankly stinking attitude, (his name can be found on the Internet: It is clear that David Miley’s a right dick. I rang the electoral commission (02072710600) who were much more helpful.

It is true that a soldier or businessman called away at short notice cannot get an emergency proxy vote. It has been the Electoral Commission’s advice that people in this position SHOULD be granted an emergency proxy vote, however Parliament has not seen fit to make the change to the law. There can only be one reason for this: who’s been in charge of Parliament for a long time? Labour (the Coalition has had but a year to change the tsunami of horrid Labour legislation). In office, Labour saw fit to grant any turd a postal vote, whether or not they even existed. This allowed them to farm votes in ethnic “communities” where the Pater Familias could be relied upon to tick the “right” (i.e. Labour) box for all the people (and a few “people”) in each family.

People who go on the sick are more likely to vote Labour than those called away to fight (or sell weapons to) the Queen’s enemies at short notice. Ergo sickies could get a vote at short notice, but soldiers and businessmen couldn’t.

Everything Labour does, it sees party advantage before that of the country or even basic, decent fairness. This is why I hate them so very, very much. If you are, or have ever been a member of that despicable organisation, you have my contempt.

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  1. Malcolm Bracken
    Malcolm Bracken says:

    Well, anonymong, the strapline to my blog is "moderate opinions, immoderately put", which neatly describes your description of my post. If you read "comment policy", you'll see that I couldn't give a rat's cock what you think, at least not until you have a handle.

  2. The Chairman of Selectors
    The Chairman of Selectors says:

    I share this view completely. Its the tribal nature of the left I can't stand. What is right for the country is irrelevant. See Labour's fucking disastrous immigration policy (more immigrants = more Labour votes) and welfare state (more bone idle unemployed = more Labour votes), or grotesque waste in the public sector (more bone idle public sector layabouts = more Labour votes). This is why we are well and truly fucked. Lab will amost certainly clean up at the locals and the general election is already looming.

  3. Mr Ecks
    Mr Ecks says:

    The only reason Labour twat's have even the chance of getting anywhere is the stunning losers now on the job–ie Plastic face and his little girlfriend Clegg.
    1-Make a big noise about cutting spending when you aren't (rate of spending INCREASE has slowed from the McSnot era but spending is still going up until 2015).Blow hard about how you are making deep cuts (that aren't)thus setting yourself up for a torrent of socialist propaganda bullshit.
    2-Make the small cuts to pay back more of the interest due on McSnots loans–but utterly fail to get out the message to the public that interest caused by McS is the reason for any cuts.
    3-Allow Labour/Limp Dick council scum to decide where the cuts will fall instead of telling them and shutting down any Councils that don't comply. In this way they can keep paying the monster wages of their jumped up "CEO" town clerks and the lesser wages of all the oppressive clowns they employ to hassle the public. At the same time they can schedule cuts in at least some services the public want , thus enabling the leftist shite to take up the chant of "Thatcher, Thatcher,Thatcher" and hark back to their glory days with the assistence of the media and some public mayhem.
    4-Do nothing about the leftist cunts at the BBC (except praise them as plastic boy has)so they can publicise the left's agenda while rubbishing your own (half-baked_) plans.
    5-Kiss the EU's arse on all possible occassions–sell out our armed forces
    6 Totally sell-out on civil liberties (ID cards are about all they have done and that was a cheap price as they weren't going to fly anyway)by confirming almost all of ZaNu's tyrannical legacy and even push forward with some of Labour's crap that should never have been continued–Harmans equality garbage for example.
    7-Hold a bogus Bonfire of the Quangos that isn't
    8-Start a second war in a truly bungled manner and–
    Oh Bollocks to it –what the hell do you expect in the local elections after the show so far?.


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