Chris Williamson MP & Liz Kendall MP. Lying or Ignorant?

This morning, feebly groping for good news after a disastrous conference, Leicester MP Liz Kendall pointed to some You Gov data from June, which suggested that Labour enjoy a 19% lead on “party closest to women’s voters & understands their views“. This is the desperate data-mining which is common currency on the left, so I called both her and Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby North, who retweeted, on it.

is that the sound of a barrel being scraped? How far behind are Labour on the economy? How’s Ed doing?

They both responded. Chris Williamson MP

claims & I are scraping the barrel for pointing out Labour has 13 point poll lead over Tories amongst women

of course, Labour didn’t then nor now have “a 19% lead amongst women”. Their lead was smaller than it was for men, a FACT an MP like Williamson will have known. Liz Kendal too made the same, stupid, incorrect point.

views & concerns of 50% of electorate ‘scraping barrel’? Enough said…

First this is old data, and it’s an occasional question. However EVEN AT THE TIME, the labour lead amongst women was SMALLER than it was amongst men. So the claim that the Tories, and by extension, me are not concerned by women’s issues is ridiculous. Of course, Labour, the party of identity politics is going to have a lead amongst the kind of people for whom women’s issues (which Labour probably think mean abortion and childcare, issues on which I’m probably closer to Labour than the Tories). However the Tories undeniably enjoy a stronger position amongst women than men, at the time, and now. So by women’s OWN responses, the Tories better answer Women’s concerns then they do for men.

This kind of ‘pick a leading question which gives a Labour lead, extrapolate wildly and then suggest the Tories are anti this issue’ is common on the left. Indeed Posts headlined ‘polls suggest voters reject Tory cuts on ….” accounts for about half the posts on Liberal Conspiracy. Such “analysis” is fine when a hack like Sunny Hundal indulges himself in it. however this is a flagrant abuse of statistics, or to put it another way, lying.

I expect better from my elected representatives, even Labour ones, and wouldn’t mind an apology from Mr Williamson and Ms Kendall, for suggesting that I’m sexist or Anti-women for suggesting that people, women included, think ‘the economy’ and the performance of a potential PM (which, unfortunately for Labour, Ed Miliband currently is) to be a more important a question right now than ‘women’s issues’, about which YouGov can’t even be bothered to ask regularly.

So. Which is it Chris & Liz, Lying or Ignorant?

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  1. JimmyGiro
    JimmyGiro says:

    Reichsmarschall Goering pointed to some Weimar data from 1932, which suggested that Nazis enjoy a 19% lead on "party closest to Aryan's voters & understands their views".

    Seems familiar. Remind me of the outcome.


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