Offense-Taking redux.

Apatosaurus excelsus, wearing display plumage.

At wednesday’s Prime Ministers’ Questions, Dennis Skinner, the Beast of Bolsover asked a question about how the Wicked PM invited a representative of Hitler Satan Rupert Murdoch “into the heart of Government”. The prime minister responded by answering the question saying he’d love to give evidence to the Leveson inquiry, then added..

“…There’s no need to go to the Natural History Museum to see a dinosaur, just come to the House of Commons at half-past-twelve…”

Skinner, who’s himself been banned for his parliamentary insults to “the Boy George” Osborne’s alleged use of Coke & Brasses (remarks he defended by saying “they were in the ‘News of the World’ [owned by one R. Murdoch’s News Corp], you can look it up”) merely shrugged. I may disagree deeply with Mr Skinner’s politics, but he’s a parliamentary bruiser, who can take the rough and tumble.

Paul Flynn, who thinks a firm handshake “assault” is not so robust, accusing the prime-minister of “ageism”. You need to work pretty hard to find offence in calling the sine qua non of Old Labour a “dinoasuar”, an epithet often used to describe those on both sides whose antediluvean politics are still fighting battles long lost and won. The insult is pretty mild, and describes the man’s politics, not his age. As Paul Flynn, unfortunately an MP of Long standing well knows.

This offence-seeking needs to stop, and Paul Flynn (who thinks a British Jew can’t be ambassador to Israel because of “divided loyalties”) needs to man up or get out of politics.

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  1. JimmyGiro
    JimmyGiro says:

    Just as most cultures have a form of Christmas, in which they celebrate with gifts, and carry on in a merry-making fashion, maybe we could have its antithesis during mid-summer; in which on the 'mocking day', all are immune from the law of slander, as we each berate our nearest and dearest.

    It might help a lot of people to shake off their overly precious egos at an early age, which ultimately is the foundation for the affectation of offence.


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