The Third Sector.

If you want evidence that the ‘third sector’, ‘social enterprises’ or whatever ‘charities’ are called this week are merely an arm of the state, check out their job advertisments like this one from Home Group Ltd

You will deliver outrageously brilliant customer experiences by developing great communities which are tailored to individual needs. Utilising customer insight, creating engagement opportunities and carrying out generic Housing Management activities you will work in partnership with our Customer Service Centre, local service providers, voluntary sector and statutory organisations to ensure our customers receive seamless Housing and Neighbourhood services

They are looking for what would be called a housing manager or rental agent in the private sector, where the wage would be £12,000 basic & £30,000 OTE (on target earnings). Basically in the private sector, you have to earn your pay. In the Third sector, you need to mouth public-sector bureaucratese and not rock the boat.

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  1. JimmyGiro
    JimmyGiro says:

    Maybe they should test the true enthusiasm of the applicants by asking them: "if they're prepared to throw acid in the face of a child to ensure the outrageously brilliant customer experiences of great communities?"

    After all, they're more than capable of prescribing Ritalin to over a million boys each week, in the name of 'education… education… education…'


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