One Cut I Don’t Support

You can rebuild an Army from a small core. You can rebuild a Navy and Air Force. Benefits cuts have positive effects on incentives, as well as the more obvious negative effects. But the science budgets should be maintained. It’s short-sighted to cut an area where Britain retains a comparative advantage, and one where private industry and charity cannot mobilise the resources neccessary.

The UK still has world-class universities, and punches well above its weight in pure science. Many of our leading companies have developed around these – Silicone fen in Cambridge for example where ARM develops the chips that power Apple and others.

Above all, it’s the long tradition of medical research, where state spending complements the tendency of the Pharmaceutical industry to seek solutions to the shrinking problems of Rich people, where state spending can have positive effects, not just for the British economy but for the good of the whole of mankind.

I’m not the kind of Libertarian who thinks all state spending is wasted. There are things the state can do where business and charity is limited. Much of the state support for science supports the globally important work of medical charities.This money is emphatically NOT wasted.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I have followed your rants about spending cuts with some interest, though more often with some sadness. Now I feel I must contribute. Your love of science has not cured the world; it has given us the atomic bomb. It has given us global warming and will save millions who God ordained should pass. Hence the world is now overpopulated.
    Cutting the 'science' budget would reverse this trend towards damnation and we can focus on spiritual healing and alternative/traditional medicines.
    For the love of GOD, please wake up and smell the coffee.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


    As much as I disagree with Jackart's seemingly blind support for Cameron, your response is just fanciful bollocks…

    Science and invention is the reason we're not still scratching a meagre existence out of the ground as subsistence farmers.

    Now I know you hippies like to romanticise that lifestyle; just go try living it for a year or two and then come back and decry modern technology….

  3. andrew bracken
    andrew bracken says:

    You can't hug your children with nuclear arms.

    Anon no 2, you are a gullible dick. Have a word with yourself and do try and spot people baiting a line. This one was particularly obvious.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    "You can rebuild an Army from a small core" Really?
    The in early ww2 the british army was supposed to be such a core and it got horribly battered.


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