Privatised Health services.

This is a tale of two sets of injections. Two on the NHS, for a fee, of £120, and a two in the private sector which cost £145.
The price points are near enough to think this isn’t about “you get what you pay for”, especially as I’m paying twice for my NHS “service”.
The private sector offered appointments more or less at my convenience. When I arrived for my appointment, the nurse was already getting prepared. I was early, but only waited about 2 minutes before I was taken into a room, taken through a questionnaire, and given my innoculations. The whole process took 15 minutes.
Because it was so quick, I was early for my NHS appointment. Nevertheless I was seen 15 minutes late. The nurse had no clue what I was doing or why. Despite the fact the NHS injections were the second in a course of 2 and 3 respectively, I had to go through an enourmous faff. The nurse spent 10 minutes wandering around asking whether I could be injected into my thigh, because I’d already had an injection earlier in my upper arm, a question surely she’d be qualified to answer.
And trying to book an appointment for the final injection in 4 weeks’ time was definitely about their convenience, not mine. The whole process took 50 minutes, and I was in the clinic for over an hour.
Anyone who thinks there aren’t efficiencies in the NHS to be had that would be achieved by more marketisation, is an idiot.

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    Most people alive today have never experienced anything but our national religion NHS and its take-it-or-leave-it attitude to 'customer service' unfortunately. Those that have know there are better ways, as your experience illustrates.

  2. Petr
    Petr says:

    "Envy of the world", you know. So many posts about the failings of the NHS attract comments about the USA system but there are many other systems. Have a look at Anna Raccoon's latest. I wish I lived in France, Switzerland or Germany.


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