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Porn for Women

The “Adult” entertainment industry has spent millions looking into and developing the female market, arguing that women like to get off too, so there’s a huge untapped market. Only it is already catered for. Porn heads directly for male pleasure buttons, without accessing higher thought. Often in porn, even sex is bypassed, with the action […]


I was given to thinking about these things when I wrote my refutation of Creation Science. Who needs religion when some sort of respect for Gia will fill your spiritual needs without demanding you reject empirical evidence. Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus and Nautilus are brilliant. Architeuthis dux, known as the Giant squid. Big ones are the […]

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Robert M. Pirsig wrote a facinating Book. He has attempted to tie in several strands of thought and link them to an overarching philosophy. The book is described as and enqiry into values and describes two simultaneous journeys. One physical, across the USA on motorbikes and one intellectual, following roadsigns left by Pirsig’s alter-ego, Phaedrus. […]

Petty Managerialism

I’ve been agonising about what it is that I loathe about New Labour. After all they haven’t seriously challenged the Thatcherite legacy. They’ve just been incompetent. With old labour it was simply being wrong on every issue, so its the ideology of socialism that I have the problem with. As individuals, socialists can be nice […]

The War on Drugs

I’m a libertarian. That means I believe in freedom of choice is for the individual and not the state. With that principle underlying most of my political beliefs, I find a dilemma with drugs. Cannabis should be legalised from a personal freedom point of view, and there is no need to go through the arguments. […]

PR Disaster

It seems the Germans are not yet ready for a change. The Chancellor, Gerhard Schroder managed to scare the electorate by proclaiming Angela Merkel’s CDU party would spell the end for Germany’s cosy social model. As a result, the CDU collapsed in the polls in the last weeks of campaigning. The fact is he’s right. […]