Insofar as the world’s rivalries exist, generally were ‘the west’ win, the outcome is better for ordinary people. The Ukraine had a choice between the EU, which whatever its flaws has been a force for democracy and prosperity in post-soviet Europe, and the continued influence of Moscow’s thuggish regime.

Thatcher or Regan would have stumped up the $30bn (chum-change in the grand scheme of things) or so needed to bribe President Viktor Yanukovych to sign an agreement with the EU which wound eventually have pulled the country from Russia’s grasp. But a failure of nerve means Europe’s largest country The country which suffered most from the famines unleashed by Lenin and Stalin, will not now turn its back on Moscow and embrace a brighter, freer, more democratic future looking west.

But because of a collective failure of nerve, perhaps due to the financial crisis, Moscow threatened, the west blinked and the Ukraine turned, and walked back towards a Soviet past. Moscow is strengthened. We are weakened.

When did we get so weak? So gutless? So insecure about the fact a democratic system is simply better than all alternatives? So unwilling to face down our less-than democratic adversaries?

The rise of China is not a vindication of totalitarian communism, but complete demonstration of its failure. The financial crisis was a much needed recession, not a “failure of capitalism”. China’s rise happened immediately they abandoned state planning. They have been totally and comprehensively co-opted into the western system. They cannot afford to step out of line. We can cut china loose, if necessary at the cost of a recession. They would suffer a revolution. Their leaders know this.

And the truth is, the west is richer and more powerful relative to Russia and its remaining post-soviet empire than its ever been. And we’ve already beaten China. And yet we can’t stare down a failing, dying, alcoholic bankrupt old bear.

Everyone is better off when the west wins. Only the mewling, gutless “leadership” of western countries and their simpering left-wing cheerleaders cannot see it. Obama will go down in history as one of the worst presidents for this reason, amongst others.