Strengthen Fairness in Communities

“Strengthen fairness in communities” is the fifth and final pledge on Gordon’s GE2010 pledge card. What does it mean? On their website, they use it to mean ‘controlling immigration and giving young people jobs and handing out ASBOs’, but that doesn’t really capture it.

Let’s try to decipher it, shall we. Word by word.

“Strengthen”: strong. Good. bold. People like “strengthening”, especially when you’re strengthening something that is also good, like….

…”Fairness”. Fairness means something very different to a lefty than to a proper person. To most people it means paying their way, working hard, not taking the piss and accepting responsibility for your actions. If you fall on hard times, you will be supported. That is fair. What fairness means to a lefty is “High marginal tax rates on the middle class” and “redistribution”.

So… Where is “Fairness” going to be “Strengthened”? Why “In Communities” of course. Now “Communities” means to most people ‘Where you live’, but to the lefty, it means ‘your identity group’: Gay, Black or other minority ethnic, gender, or economic status. ‘Community leaders’ receive tax-payers money to their organisation and in return, they deliver identity group block votes. Now this strategy is falling apart. Respect is picking up the disaffected Muslim vote, much of the Indian vote has always been Tory, the Gay community appears to be forgiving the Tories for section 28, and so on.


We have a slogan that means “making where you live a bit fairer” to the average punter, and cannot possibly be objected to by anyone any more than a political party will say “we’re against fairness”. “Strengthen fairness in communities” is an anodyne, focussed grouped bit of meaningless marketing hocus-pocus. However to Labour’s pets in the grievance industry, it means delivering tax-payers loot to undemocratic “community groups”.

It’s a dog-whistle.

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  1. JimmyGiro
    JimmyGiro says:

    ""Strengthen fairness in communities" is an anodyne, focussed grouped bit of meaningless marketing hocus-pocus."

    I wish it was anodyne, but the fact is that 'good' words associated with good concepts, will become corrupted by the governments cynical propaganda.

    When 'good' words themselves become so corrupted by association with 'bad' policy, then people cannot perform true verbal politics, therefore they must surely revert to physical politics by default.

  2. owen hockey
    owen hockey says:

    exterbarif you think the labour party is left wing,you must be a political dunce,you right wingers go on about left wing polices but i am still waiting after 50 yrs of voting to see a left wing goverment,do not forget your history the right wing in any country has more in common with the likes of the bnp,then with its own working class,so lift your head out of your back side and look at the mess we are in following right wing agendas(ie the free market)roll on the revolution

  3. Tinkerbell
    Tinkerbell says:

    I think 'Strengthening Fairies in Communities' would be an excellent policy – it gets pretty cold at the bottom of the garden this time of year. A hot saucer of milk now and then would not go amiss. I'm sure we could get Lord Mandelson right behind us…


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