The Dude’s view of electoral reform.

Let me be clear. I have an idea of a more proportional system. And I am not going to share it with you because you don’t care any more about my radical scheme to ensure ‘fair votes’ than I do about your hair-brained scheme, such as the one in the comments to the last thread about paying MPs according to Majority.

I can be persuaded as to the merits of some form of PR, but only if there is a lot in it for the party I support, which is why I want the Conservatives to do it (anyone who thinks they don’t think this way is probably lying to themselves). However I remain a supporter of our Current first past the post system which is not, as everyone seems to believe, broken. Does anyone think a Hung parliament with the Tories as the Largest party does not reflect roughly the will of the electorate? Ergo it ain’t broken, so don’t fix it.

One of the things the electorate like about are system is the fact that you vote on Thursday and by friday morning the moving vans are in Downing street. By Lunchtime, the new executive head has banged his tabs in to Brenda and we have a new Government. The immediacy of this process is rare in democracies around the world. This time, people are bewildered that Gordon Brown, the man who Lost the election IS STILL THERE. If they can be persuaded that the undignified horse-trading by politicians after the election is THE KEY FEATURE of proportional systems, then perhaps I will admit that perhaps I was too hasty to surrended to the PR bandwagon.

I will say it again. Democracy is NOT an exercise in accurate tribal head-counting, but an opportunity to chuck the rotters out. Under some forms of PR, the political elite can never be kicked out be the electorate under almost any circumstances, because they get to the top of the list. Even a safe seat can be lost if the electorate are pissed off enough like Tatton in 1997.

Anyway… PR is a side show next to the fucking apalling mess the country’s in thanks to 13 years of disgusting incompetence and malice by the Labour party. I will examine the proposals which are put before us, and if there is to be a change there had better be a referendum. Whilst we can all think of perfect systems, I’m not interested. Suffice to say AV+ is supported by Brown, and is Therefore wrong (Q.E.D.), and STV is an abomination unto God and smells of poo, so I like neither of the systems on offer. The relative merits of various flavours of PR, like internal politics
of the Labour party are things that interest me not a jot.

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    I would like to see a move to PR but i agree STV sounds awful, id ont want to vote for other parties. As some one who's always lived in a safe seat i'd like the parties to bother chasing my suport and my vote to count for once…

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    "I can be persuaded as to the merits of some form of PR, but only if there is a lot in it for the party I support, which is why I want the Conservatives to do it (anyone who thinks they don't think this way is probably lying to themselves)."

    Not really.

    I don't "support" any party, i just vote for the one with policies that i deem sensible.

    I think your so heavily conservative biased that you refuse to see the flaws in your FPP arguments.

  3. Malcolm Bracken
    Malcolm Bracken says:

    Anon: I tend to ignore the opinions of Anonymous commentators who cannot be bothered to get 'You're' and 'Your' right.

    NBH: Your party ruined the country and created a client state that they then frightened into voting for them. Labour, and anyone who supports them are vile.

    Steam is not coming out of my ears. I would love to have seen a big tory majority, but as I'm 2 policies away from the lib dems, a LibCon pact holds no horrors for me, as it will marginalise the authoritarian tories, and the lefty Liberals.

  4. Chuckles
    Chuckles says:

    The election results do indeed reflect the will of the electorate. They think it is a wonderful result; they are temporarily safe from the predations of the nannies and thieves.

    What they do not reflect are the desires of the Ruling Class. Good.
    I suspect that PR would fall into this category as well.

  5. Malcolm Bracken
    Malcolm Bracken says:

    Joel, I've never pretended to hide my loathing of Labour because of their economic incompetence and thier savage illiberalism.

    You've never believed in my liking for many Liberal Democrat ideas

    That says more about your view of politics than mine. The political animal you think I am is a creature of your own fevered immaginings

  6. Antisthenes
    Antisthenes says:

    Imagine PR the Labour Party would be full of clones of Broon, Balls and Dromey, the present lot are awful enough but there are a few who are not fully committed to Marxism.

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    "Anon: I tend to ignore the opinions of Anonymous commentators who cannot be bothered to get 'You're' and 'Your' right."


  8. Pete
    Pete says:

    There's nothing wrong with FPTP, it has served us well. What is wrong is the way the constituencies are currently shaped. If Cameron can equalise the constituencies so that they become fairer (for Libs as well as Cons)then Labour would get a realistic number of seats instead of the gerymandered excess which they currently enjoy.

    PS I exclude Scotland from the above as they are a different country with their own parliament. I believe that Cameron should work towards excluding Scottish representatives from our parliament – there can be no justification for them influencing any acts which impact on the rest of us IMHO

  9. JimmyGiro
    JimmyGiro says:

    Here's what I wrote over at Charles Crawford's Blogoir:

    Engineers and scientists are wary of 'positive feedback', as it lacks the stabilization of opposing forces, such as damping.

    A political majority, especially one representing subjective utopian ideals, will ultimately behave as a system of positive feedback, until reality imposes itself via the inevitable catastrophe, brought on by unchecked extremes. It's not a question of left or right or even 'the third way', it's a question of unopposed mandate.

    ZanuLabour wreaked havoc due to its unopposed utopian majority; a result of effectively destroying the Tory image (aided by selfish Tories). Although as an Anarchist, I hate and despise the Marxist-Feminism of the Fabian lead ZanuLabour apparatchik, it is hoped that they are not obliterated as an effective opposition base, for a stable (and desirably minimalist) parliament; as then we risk another run-away majority, with its concomitant positive feedback.

    Maybe the shenanigans of a hung parliament will lead to a prolonged period of negative feedback stability. Just imagine it, a few years of no 'politics'; that's the kind of utopia I could do with right now, and maybe you too. A real alternative could have been insurrection, as 'civilised' men lose the vestiges of their inhibition towards direct personal politics by other means.

  10. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…
    "Anon: I tend to ignore the opinions of Anonymous commentators who cannot be bothered to get 'You're' and 'Your' right."


    12:52 PM

    Maybe a cheap a reply from the author, but it's so annoying to read schoolboy errors like that. Rather like the frequently used LOOSE for LOSE.

  11. Alan Douglas
    Alan Douglas says:

    Time to kill this stupid idea doing the rounds : 65 % did NOT vote for Cameron.

    Yes, and 99.9999999999999 % repeating did NOT vote for Broen to be PM.

    So WHICH is more "legitimate ?

    Alan Douglas

    Sentient WV : baddi


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