Torture Enquiry.

Some people don’t think this New government is much better than the old one.

Yesterday Britain’s Tory prime-minister did what Barack Obama has so far failed to do. Live up to campaign promises and hold an enquiry into allegations of Torture: specifically that British officials looking the other way while other country’s agents (ahem, American agents) did unspeakable things to potential terrorists. It’s to be a judicial enquiry to ensure maximum public confidence in the outcome. The US insisted on Trials for the leaders of the third Reich, because America then stood for something. Now some Pakistani goatherds are apparently so dangerous that the rule of law needs to be suspened rather than let them out. Now most of the people who think Obama’s the best thing since slice bread are turning a blind eye to his staggering hypocrisy.

Two years on, he’s still not closed the Git’mo camp.

“In war, the Moral is to the the physical as three is to one” Naploleon Dyanamite Bonaparte.

As yet Obama has not had the guts to stand up to the Savage loons who STILL think Guantanamo bay is anything other than a massively counterproductive recruiting sergeant for global Jihad. He apparently regards this concentration camp for people against whom we have insufficinet evidence to bring a prosecution as being a price worth paying for “security”, and practices like waterboarding as not being a standing retort to the rule of Law, and so deserving of punishment.

If we are not better people than the people we’re fighting, then what are we fighting for? Let’s shine some sunlight into the darker things done in our name, and see if the Public like it. Let’s hope the light’s bright enough to reach into the oval office, and persuade Obama to come clean about the abuses perpetrated under his predecessor.

What… you mean it’s still going on? You mean Obama’s no better than Bush? You’re shitting me! There are still 181 people in Guantanamo bay, and he’s been shipping people about to avoid the rule of Law, at potential cost to his alliances.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Look, we do the stuff that you're morally opposed to doing. Go on and crow about Cameron. He's living up to promises because he's not leading the most powerful nation in the world. He's leading a nation that used to be powerful. He has to make you relevant as a nation again. Right now, as far as I can see, Britain is a socialist nightmare that your beloved Cameron has to fix.

    Will he do it? Christ, I hope so.

    Enjoy having a leader who can afford to live up to all campaign promises. It must be quite nice when one doesn't have to shoulder the responsibility of providing troops (and the money to take care of those troops) to protect the world.

    Shitting on Obama is cheap. He has tried to move in the direction that Cameron can seamlessly. You don't really understand how America works. If you did, you wouldn't make daft statements like this one.
    You can't change the way things work when you have to fight an irrational right wing (some of whom are a part of the Supreme Court) who don't see anything wrong with torture of outsiders who intend to do America harm.

    I hope that in your non-blog life that you think more carefully about these issues. This isn't a contest about which country is better or which leader is better. Neither is. They are just politicians. Out for themselves.

  2. JimmyGiro
    JimmyGiro says:

    Anonymous, what is the point of being the most powerful if you are the least effective?

    If Obama can't change things because America is too powerful, then America is no longer a democracy; or the president is no more than a constitutional monarch.

  3. Malcolm Bracken
    Malcolm Bracken says:

    The rule is simple: if you want to be a civilized country, don't torture, and don't lock people up in extra-judicial extra-legal concentration camps.

    WE i.e. the USA and her allies, NATO, 'the west' or whatever you want to call it, are supposed to be better than Barbarous dictatorships, theocracies and corrupt kleptocracies.

    We are held to higher standards in war, and THAT IS OUR STRENGTH.


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