A Rhetorical Question for Inspector Gadget.

And if there’s no point in arresting “Wayne“, for failing to attend his community service, why bother flagging down “Colin” for speeding?

Oh. Right. Colin has something to lose and can therefore be forced to co-operate with the criminal justice system in pursuit of the sanction detection target.

True, it’s the criminal justice system’s fault, not the beat bobby. In that I agree with Gadget. But the police can lead, by patrolling, and arresting (for this does indeed have a deterrent value, whether or not there’s an custodial sanction at the end of it) or they can admit defeat in the face of the underclass and a pathetically dysfunctional criminal justice system. The underclass, who have long since worked out that co-operation is a mug’s game, will still respond to force judiciously (and legally) applied. Eventually either the police will work out who they serve – the respectable working people who pay their taxes (and parking & speeding fines), and act accordingly, or there will be a revolution when even the middle classes cease to co-operate with the law.

So. The police can either do their job, and get out from behind their warm, safe desks or walking in large groups around safe areas where there might be pretty tourists, and get in to the grotty estates and start putting it about a bit. Aggressive patrolling in the shitty areas on foot will work – it’s what we mean by “bobbies on the beat”, and it’s fiercely resisted by the police because they would have to deal with uncooperative scrotes or even members of the public, instead of watching their arses grow in a flash motor. Car chases, you see are more fun for the police than foot races.

Inspector Gadget has admitted defeat. I sincerely hope there are some police out there with balls, because gadget clearly blames the people he serves “the few remaining law-abiding citizens” of ruraltown should be offended, and if outed, Gadget should be quietly retired for this contempt for the people who pay his wages, and generous pension.

What ever happened to NightJack? He, at least hadn’t forgotten the Peelian principles. Oh yes. The police machine (probably) shopped him to the media. His ideas might have led to the police doing some police work, and that would never do. Far better to harass the middle classes while sitting in the car. Gadget has also clearly drank the NuLab “Police should enforce the law” Kool-Aid. They’ve become merely the provisional wing of the Jobsworth movement, and they’ve earned our contempt – almost as much as your contempt for us, Gadget.

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  1. 13eastie
    13eastie says:

    The rot has been allowed to penetrate so far that petty criminals can have no fear of anything changing too soon.

    The police have lost sight completely of what they are supposed to contribute to the value chain.

    Take, for example, that all-too common hazard faced by commuters: bike theft.

    Insurance claims require a visit to the local cop shop – somewhere most people never visit – wondering what might be inside:

    1) hundreds of posters about police progress re. "diversity"
    2) no posters about police progress re. catching crooks
    3) a very bored, very junior copper behind bullet-proof glass
    4) not much else

    The copper takes my crime details and types them painfully slowly into a computer.

    I ask whether they will investigate the crime in any way.

    I'm told "probably not" because "there are so many".

    With no sense of irony at this reverse logic whatsoever.

    I start to suggest that the ambulance service could say the same about heart attacks, but it becomes so immediately clear that I will need to explain the comment that I give up.

    Which is what the police have done.

    (A few days later, I receive letters and phone call offering victim support and counselling).

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Mr Jackart, I beg to correct you. Their contempt for us pales into insignificance when compared to the rising tide of public contempt for them. Sadly, it is difficult to say who is winning and who is losing in this "game of contempt". However, I suspect that as usual, it is the long suffering, predominantly law-abiding masses who are losing. After all, it is extremely unliklely to be the politicians or the police, with their short careers and their long, gold plated pensions. Nor is it likely to be the scrotes which their combined efforts have bred in such huge numbers.


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