Friday Links

Because I haven’t time to post, I thought I’d share with you my nominations for this week’s Britblog Roundup.

  • One from Instpector Gadget about how senior officers are selected, and why they therefore ruin everything. This contains a similar argument to…
  • …The Devil’s Kitchen‘s view as to why David Cameron has changed his mind on drugs.
  • Crooked Timber on Wikileaks
  • A couple from Heresy Corner on ‘Extreme Porn‘ and the idea that Conservatives are “unevolved
  • Tim Worstall on why Bureaucracies always expand.
  • The Adam Smith Institute on what “Big Society” actually means (rather than how David Cameron is implementing it) and how it’s only possible with a tax-cut.
  • Paul Sagar at Liberal Conspiracy on why he’s letting his (labour) party membership lapse
  • Charles Crawford suggesting that the Left’s protests are rather futile. People protesting that other people should pay more tax to give them benefits they think they’re owed is rather ugly.
  • Chris Dillow on character vs. institutions in politics.

Make a note of what you think are best posts of the week and send your selection to Britblog [at] gmail [dot] com, which this week is at the Blogoir (if he’s got his PC up and running again)

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