Targets & What they do to Priorities.

Pointed out by Mr. Eugenides who’s outsoursing some of his blogging to me. This is absolutely disgusting. So you’re not allowed to tell people to stop doing something illegal so that the police can high-five each other for catching them instead?

I’d ask you to consider this quote: A CPS spokeswoman said: “Cost is not a consideration in our decision to prosecute”. It is deemed entirely reasonable to waste a day of court time costing several tens of thousands of pounds to prosecute a man warning motorists of an upcoming speed trap.

As Mr E. Said. What a fucking country.

Update. He’s written it up at the kitchen

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  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    I don't understand the logic behind this at all. He was prosecuted for "willfully obstructing a police officer in the course of her duties".

    Maybe I'm being dense, but as I see it if her job was to enforce compliance with the traffic law (the speed limit) then he was actually assisting her. (why else would they announce speed controls in the media? or are they guilty too?).

    He can only have been obstructing her if her job was to catch people speeding (i.e. collecting money from fines), in which case it blows a massive hole in the sanctimonious stories about police speed controls being in the interests of road safety and exposes them as the hypocritical, money grubbing, punitive action that they have always seemed to be.

    Either way, justice was not served.

  2. JuliaM
    JuliaM says:

    If cost isn't a consideration for the CPS, what role do they have? Were they not formed precisely to act as a brake on the police enthusiasm for throwing their weight around regardless of the cost to the public purse?

    A sign went up on my local road recently, 'Average Speed CamerasOn Trial', so who are the police going after for that? The council? The Highways Agency?

  3. Charles
    Charles says:

    My personal bugbear is the motorway where the M35 joins the M3.

    They had a new road layout 9 months ago and introduced a 50 speed limit and average speed cameras.

    On a f****** motorway for goodness sake!


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