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From a tweet by somebody called “Highlander“during PMQs.

WANTED: Leader of UK political party – Only white, male, middle-aged, Oxbridge educated, millionaires need apply!

All you are is your tribe. Where you went to school or University, the colour of your skin, how much money you have. Your opinions or actions are irrelevant. I detest identity politics, because when it comes from the mouth of a self-described “Mostly depressed anarchist communist…” it means that were he ever to get the power he or those like him desire, it means millions who come from tribes of which he disapproves, getting shot in a ditch in a futile search for nirvana.

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Silly Jackart! As the great (and infallible, he is only ever misinterpreted by the insufficiently Left) prophet and sponger Karl Marx taught: a person is only the result of their place in the social hierarchy. Nothing more.

    People are not actually individuals; they're just interchangeable instances stamped from unvarying moulds. All a person's thoughts, opinions, values, desires, likes and dislikes are entirely derived from whether they are Toff ("Boo!"), Bourgeois ("Meh"), or Prole ("Yay!" But don't leave them alone near the silverware). Any seemingly independent thought or personal desire is merely illusory, mere foam atop the inexorable wave of class dynamics.
    ("Yes it is! Shut up! Marx said so!").

    And that's why there are no such things as:

    a) Working Class Tories,
    b) self-loathing GROLIES afflicted with cultural cringe,
    c) Champagne Socialists, or
    d) bankers (or business owners) with any scruples or conscience.

    Such things are simply unspossibles! You are suffering from false consciousness if you see them. Marx told us that, and Marx is always right.

    (Also hard work never pays off. Self-made men? Never happened. Ever. Marx said so!)

  2. Highlander
    Highlander says:

    First off – I don't want power in the same way that I have no desire to have power wielded over me. I have absolutely no desire to shoot anyone in a ditch and I don't believe in nirvana. I believe in the individual so yes, there are the working class Tories, champagne socialists, etc. that Chris refers to. Even business owners with conscience.

    Second, I don't believe humanity can ultimately achieve anything through only self-serving interests. Obviously we will always look after number one but I don't believe that should be at the expense of others. I believe we need to work together.

    And I agree, all you are is your opinions or actions.

    It is a fact that the vast majority of our political leaders have originated from a public school system, have been educated at Oxbridge and are considerably wealthy whether you choose to admit it or not. That the UK calls itself a representative democracy is disingenuous when you look at the backgrounds of our leaders. I have never known any wealthy Oxbridge graduates (and I will be 40 this year) so I think we could do with a change.

    Finally, you claim to "detest identity politics" but all you have really done is apply a label to myself and follow it through with what you think I believe in. Pot. Kettle.

    And you'll love this: the word verification was 'slurs'.

  3. leftlib
    leftlib says:

    Jackart: that is a rather idiotic post which shows how limited your knowledge is.

    To equate libertarian communism with Marx is to ignore the very big differences between Marx and anatchists.

    It was the anarcho-communist Bakunin who predicted the result of Marx's political and economic program for example.

    I suppose knee-jerk reaction is easier than critical thought though.

  4. B.K.
    B.K. says:

    We all know that darling JackArt thinks much more than he lets on.

    Leftlib, relax a little bit. Most of what JackArt says is utter crap. We are who we are. He's a bit of a toffee-nosed snob with a good education and little regard for identity politics, but if you were bleeding in the street, he'd help you up and call the medics and he wouldn't care what tribe you belonged to at that moment.

    Class is a really interesting thing in Britain. We don't worry about it so much in the US. We're too busy being racist, sexist, ageist and oh, shooting politicians to talk about Marx or Engle or what have you.

    You're all entertaining.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Mister British Dude,

    You are losing the plot. You've gone from sensible commentary to paranoia. In a few months. Your defence of the right/tories/banking sector has become too shrill. You are right to be worried.


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