A headline you will not see on the BBC

More than half of Labour Donors “from The Unions”
Almost all donations to the Labour Party last year came from the Trades Unions, it was revealed last night. Trades Unions, shadowy organisation responsible for decades of industrial unrest in the 80’s and 90’s, were accused of not only buying policy, but also of influencing the choice of Labour leader. Union donations to Labour, which is bankrupt, buys them a say in elections to decide who leads the party. Union Barons strongly urged their members, who have a vote in the election of the Labour leader to back the younger Milliband against his Brother, a choice which was against the wishes of the Party’s MPs. Mr. Milliband, known as ‘Red Ed’ because of his strong links to the Unions and left-wing views, has moved Labour sharply to the left since taking over from Gordon Brown last year, leading to suggestions that the unions have undue influence in Labour’s adgenda. But Mr Milliband denied suggestions that the Unions were buying policy.

“it is ludicrous to suggest that Labour’s almost pathalogical aversion to public sector cuts, even in the face of catastrophic fiscal circumstances, (which we caused) is anything other than insane adherence to outdated marxist economic dogma. It’s ridiculous to suggest that the fact most of our funding coming from the public sector unions has any influence on our policy of spending ever more on unionised public-sector workers”

he lisped unconvincingly, before being firmly ushered away from our correspondent by two large men in UNITE-branded high-viz vests.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    i know you are a tory so i will for give your lack of political knowlege,the labour party was founded by the trade unions,but was hi jacked by right wing ex liberal mps and peers in its early days,that is why no labour goverment has ever backed any workers in any dispute,the last lot did not even remove tory anti union laws,with out union pressure there would be no N.H.S or free education,they also helped to remove child labour,but i suppose all that was a mistake!!!!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    dear Jackart,my relatives in the u.s.a.tell us we do not know how lucky we are having the N.H.S.they have to pay such a high insurance for basic health care whitch only last so long then have to use there savings to top up any extra,which as they say is ok when in work god help you if you are poor,my own parents told me what it was like hear before the N.H.S. came,do we eat or call the doctor,in the days when we had an empire this was the lot of many working class familys,money ran out before payday due to low wages,rather the N.H.S. THAN PRIVATE INSURANCE when you are an o.a.p.we would never afford the fees.

  3. Malcolm Bracken
    Malcolm Bracken says:

    Yawn Yawn.

    Another leftie with "relatives in the US" who think the NHS is great.

    Bollocks. I've NEVER, EVER heard a yank talk like that.

    And in any case, healthcare is not NHS or INSURANCE. Almost every coutnry in the world (including the USA) has a mixed system.

    The only state-run services are the UK Norht Korea and Cuba. Nice company we keep.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    yawn yawn never once have you said any thing about the other points i raised,yes i am proud to be a leftie having worked all my life sent three children to uni,you of course only talk to those yanks with money not the 48 millon who have no cover,that is why the rich yanks hate cuba free health for there poor,not like the good old days when it was ruled by yankee mafia,oh for those good old days, when we touched our forelocks and we know our place,we are in my life time going backwards even right wing think tanks are saying todays kids are worse off than there parents,yawn by all means but rember we after 500 years of living under this great system we are still struggling please explain??

  5. Malcolm Bracken
    Malcolm Bracken says:

    Look. I have no obligation to address your arguments, especially as you're posting anonymously.

    But it is clear that your opinions are 100% tripple distilled lefty myth and not based on any meaningful research or logical thought.

    I fart in your general direction…

  6. owen a real man
    owen a real man says:

    thankyou i can relax you can not answer me becase the truth has been put to you,so being a right winger with no way of proving me wrong which you can not do when faced with facts you turn to insults,you are politicaly bankrupt please try to be a man lol


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