Poison to Political Discourse.

Predictably, there’s a “campaign“, more like one lonely, inadequate woman, whose child is ‘special’ who are demanding that a councillor be fired for describing the public Gallery as “retards”. Not the nicest thing to say about your electorate, but probably not wildly inaccurate either. Let’s see what happens to him at the ballot box shall we? However the humourless bint in question has filed an official complaint saying

One of my children has a severe learning disability and if I was aware that this word was used about her I would consider it a hate crime.”

Apparently, this was said out loud, and without hyperbole, as the councillor described, not as the allegation implies the handful of disabled people there, but a UK Uncut protest as “retards”. Given the extreme economic illiteracy and wanton stupidity on display from UK Uncut, I think the description of them as “retards” is generous, as it removes the mens rea from their extreme cuntularity.

In a separate incident, which arose later (and is in NO WAY part of a politically motivated campaign) he is also alleged to have used the world “wonk” to describe a council worker, used in political circles to describe one rather too interested in policy, specifically a think-tanker without real-world experience, and as such is marginally less pejorative than “nerd”. It is not “offensive and humiliating” though referring to the same person, a danish council worker as “woman” and “Foreigner” are a little less polite, I’ve been called worse, and shouldn’t get the sack for such behaviour. With this complaint I hear the faint sounds of a barrel being scraped by UK Uncut retards.

I am not suggesting John Fareham is a good councillor, or that he is right to say such things. I don’t know the detail & care less. But the professional offence-taking, and the passive aggressive demands that someone be fired for being merely rude, is getting out of hand.

This isn’t about whether someone was offended. It is simply using the excessive laws defining “hate speech” to silence one’s political opponents. Labour, with it’s thought crime legislation is now out of power, but the aim is now clear. It is not to protect minorities from persecution. It is to outlaw a conservative view, especially when robustly expressed by an amateur politician. This is unacceptable & poison to the robust political discourse needed in a healthy democracy.

And if you’re really offended, here’s an idea. Don’t vote for the bastard, and campaign for the other guy. If you want to circumvent democracy and have him fired, basically for having a different world-view to you, fuck off and die, you hateful, miserable, humourless bunch of anti-democratic twats. If you’re shocked and horrified by the word “retard”, you need to get out more. There’s shocking and horrific things going on in Libya or Afghanistan at the moment. Perhaps the UK Uncut retards, would like to join the Army to go and have a look. Or perhaps they should listen to their mother, who no doubt like mine said “sticks & stones (or roadside bombs) may break your bones, but names will never hurt me”.

Grow up and get a life.

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  1. Mr Ecks
    Mr Ecks says:

    Once again agree 100%.

    Once again I say:Why are you telling us in the bloggersphere?

    Tell that plastic -faced twat Cameron. Ask him to put down the PC brigade. And grow old and decrepit waiting.


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