The DNA Database.

Both coalition partners in opposition were against the retention of innocents’ DNA on a national database, preferring the Scottish model where those accused have their DNA retained for a limited time. The Police, facist bastards that they are (they’re wearing black shirts these days, they’re not even pretending) want a universal DNA database, ID cards etc… and can’t see why this fundamentally changes the relationship of the Police to the people they serve, or worse, don’t care.

The Government has caved into the police lobby, releasing the news when Parliament is in recess, presumably hoping we Civil Liberties bores will be too busy watching the Cricket to give a stuff about a betrayal. Of course Cameron & Co will need the police to deal with the entrenched batallions of the left, who will smash things because the tax-payer is funding a pension slightly less generously than before (but still more generously than the tax-payers’). Or perhaps the right-wing populism “in control” of Government at News International has been replaced by right-wing populism of the Daily Mail. I don’t know.

But I do want Innocents’ DNA removed from the database. And so does the European court of Human rights.

Here’s what I wrote to my MP.

All I ask of you, my elected representative, that you hold the executive to account. Please could you hold them to account over this?

This is a shameless betrayal of the civil Libertarians who voted for both parties.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    In the US all states have required hospitals to take DNA samples from newborns over the last several years. In about 10 years the issue of the police saving dna on innocents will be moot. The next generation will have their dna stored. Right now they claim it is for research purposes and to test for diseases on newborns. However they take 10 drops of blood and only need about 3-4 to test for diseases. The leftover blood drops are stored on bloodspot cards. I would not be surprised if this was happening in the UK as well.

    This data will be too tempting to governments, businesses and health providers in the future.

  2. Single acts of tyranny
    Single acts of tyranny says:

    Yes the "nothing to hide nothing to fear" drones don't seem to realise this changes things. Formerly we only had to answer to the state if reasonably suspected of crime. Now, not being able to prove one's identity will itself be a crime.

    They will have to force an ID card into SAoT's cold dead hand.

  3. Devil's Kitchen
    Devil's Kitchen says:


    Now don't say that I didn't warn you.

    Yes, yes: I know that this lot are better than NuLabour—but, as I've always said, it's like choosing between a fresh dogshit and a slightly less fresh dogshit.


  4. Tarka the Rotter
    Tarka the Rotter says:

    This is my letter to my MP:-
    As my elected representative, I am writing to ask you to hold the executive to account over their shameful decision to retain innocent people’s DNA on the police database. Before the General Election last year, both coalition parties made their opposition to this proposal quite clear, recognising it was an infringement of civil liberty. The European Court of Human Rights also made their opposition known. Suddenly, miraculously, there has been a complete change of heart. Why? Does government make policy or is it dictated to them by Whitehall mandarins or police pressure groups? There have been so many U-turns from this administration that it quite beggars belief. There has been no Great Repeal Bill, Harriet Harman’s Equalities Bill remains on the statute book, NHS Reform has been emasculated, the Bonfire of the Quangos was but a candle in the wind, the Prime Minister is considering a Libyan settlement with Gaddafi remaining in the country, the localism bill is a watered-down sop and now this.
    I find it abhorrent that the government’s default position is to regard all citizens of this country as potential criminals, for that is what this pernicious database implies. In May 2010 we wanted a change from New Labour authoritarianism and nanny-statism, not more of the same under new management.
    Once again I beg you to hold the executive to account, do not let them get away with this. To do otherwise would be a dereliction of your duty to the electorate.

  5. Single acts of tyranny
    Single acts of tyranny says:

    The one positive thing to say about the Con/Lid Dem pact is simply that it is now impossible to seriously assert that all the parties are not substantially the same, off the top of my head:

    ~ Nationalised health care
    ~ Nationalised schools
    ~ Nationalised TV
    ~ Big-state, high-tax
    ~ Pointless foreign wars
    ~ Pro-EU
    ~ Pro fiat currency
    ~ Pro bailout
    ~ Anti-Gun ownership
    ~ Prohibition and victimless crime
    ~ Deficit spending and endless borrowing
    ~ Social security ponzi scheme
    ~ Pro income tax
    ~ Nasty micro-control measures like smoking bans etc
    ~ Major subsidies to farmers
    ~ Denial of free trade when claiming the opposite

    Maybe people will at last see the truth


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