I’m growing a ‘tache for charideeeee, inspired by, but independent of Movember.

look, it’s been less than a week, OK?

The RNLI provide an emergency service without Government money. Volunteers save lives at sea, and millions of people make this one of the most popular charity causes in the UK (something Jonathan May-Bowles, the “activist” who got beaten up by Mrs Murdoch thinks wrong because it’s “middle class“). The people have not forgotten that our island nation is totally dependent on seaborne trade, even if our political masters have: There are no warships patrolling UK waters. There are those who say quality services cannot be provided but by the state; the 4,500 Men and Women of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution demonstrate otherwise. Follow @outonashout on twitter to see just how often they are deployed.

The Just Giving page is here.

Medicins Sans Frontieres provide medical and emergency relief in over 80 countries, usually arriving before the news cameras and leaving long afterwards. They eschew photogenic disaster campaigns – or indeed any high profile marketing, but deploy themselves according to need, rather than media hype. They spend very little on marketing and even less on political lobbying, remaining dedicated to getting Doctors and medical staff to those who need it whether or not the cause is fashionable. They also undertake primary research into tropical diseases, which they make available to all, for free. I reckon my contributions to this charity amount to about the same amount as the proportion of my tax bill the Government spends on international aid. I know which bit does more good for people in desperate need.

The Just Giving page is here.

Neither take money from the UK, or any other Government, valuing their independence. I give to them willingly and feel good about doing so, and If the British Government didn’t waste so much of my money, I’d give them both more. I’d like to raise £100 for each but any money will be good, and more is better.

3rd Nov
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  1. startledcod
    startledcod says:

    Whether that growth is a week old or not if I caught my daughter looking at a picture like that online I would kill the power immediately.

    Shave it off NOW or the RNLI volunteer and the MSF doctor get it!


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