Labour’s EU referendum

Labour’s policy Committee has suggested the party, which has already promised and voted against one, may back an ‘in/out’ referendum on the UK’s EU membership.

Of course, no-one believes that Ed Miliband, grotty little snot-bucket that he is will ever be in a position to deliver on his promise, so the promise is free. Assuming the public buy the policy at face-value, a big assumption, then it may be clever politics.

It increases Pressure on David Cameron, whom the Euronutters in his own party think reneged on his promise on the Lisbon treaty. This is a stupid, mouth-breathing, sun-reading thing to believe, and to this end, any comment with the phrase “cast iron” in it will be deleted. Of course, both Labour and the Tory Euro-obsessives know the coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats are as completely in love with the EU as the Tory Right isn’t. Miliband therefore hopes to split the coalition, force an election, and win while the polls are in his favour.

However. It is transparently obvious that no politician wants to deliver on this promise. Every major party has promised, then voted against an EU referendum, with the honourable, if profoundly stupid exception of some Tory backbenchers. (And NO. UKIP isn’t a ‘major party’) The problem for both Miliband and the Tory Euro-obsessives is that the public simply don’t care about the EU. When asked, It seems the mainstream Tory position: ‘say no to everything, but stay in’ appears to be the favoured policy, but this is not a strongly held conviction. The message, if any, the voters give to the politicians about ‘Europe’ is

“do what you will, just shut up about it, OK?”

Miliband is therefore hoping to open up the old Tory “split” on Europe, guessing that it won’t cost him, and may even boost his polling, if his naked politicing isn’t seen through. And the Tory Euro-nutters, egged on by the UKIP Gin & Jag brigade will charge blindly into the trap. Fuckwits.

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  1. rapscallion
    rapscallion says:

    You might like being ruled by Brussels – but quite a lot of us don't.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to be governed by the people you vote to put in power. That is not currently the case. Vote LibLabCon = get Brussels.

    The term EU nutters/obsessives does you no credit. Buck Up!

  2. Malcolm Bracken
    Malcolm Bracken says:

    1) we're not "ruled by Brussels".
    2) I am a Eurosceptic – when we get our referendum, I will vote "out"
    3) A referendum simply isn't a priority right now, and anyone who thinks it is, is a nutter.
    4) Preventing Labour ever getting in again is a much higher priority.

  3. cuffleyburgers
    cuffleyburgers says:

    AGreed a referendum now is absolutely not a priority, but you are much too easy on floppy dave for his pisspoor performance on the lisbon constitution.

    Dave is a europhile, and anybody who fails to recognise that the biggest single obstacle to growth in this this country is the EU (yes, an even bigger threat than the labour party) has his head in the sand.


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