The Obsessions of the Tory Right

1) Gay Marriage. I understand the theological reasons for a christian to be against gay marriage: a few passages in the clearly confused & frustrated St Paul’s epistles to Timothy. I am still not sure why anyone gives a shit about this. I like George Carlin’s advice to people who disapprove of Gay Marriage: Don’t marry a Gay. Don’t give ammunition to Labour who will be credibly painting you as a homophobe.

2) Grammar Schools. Yes, I understand the destruction of the Grammar schools meant clever working class kids don’t get a leg up now. However I am not sure sorting the sheep from the goats at 11 is fair or equitable. ‘Free schools’ will achieve most of the positive effects of Grammar schools, without condemning two thirds of the population to sub-standard secondary moderns. The people who shout loudest for Grammar schools are the people who assume their kids will get into Grammar schools, and can pay for private education if they don’t. Instead of hankering after a system which is not coming back, get behind Gove’s reforms.

3) Europe. According to the mythology, “Cast Iron Dave” is a paid up Europhile who deliberately reneged on a promise to hold a referendum. Of course that promise was clearly made in the context of an imminent election in 2008 BEFORE the Lisbon treaty was ratified. Any “Europhilia” can probably be put down to the presence of the Federast Liberal Democrats in Coalition, and unpicking a treaty is a whole order of magnitude more complicated, costly and time-consuming than saying “no” to one not yet ratified. Right now, with battles with the civil service and the deeply entrenched public sector salariat over Health & education reforms, ‘the cuts’ and decentralisation more generally, the last thing the Government needs is a Battle royale over Europe. I’ve no doubt we’ll get a referendum some time, and I’ll vote ‘out’. But only a complete headbanger thinks to pull out of the EU is without cost, or a major priority right now. This gives Labour a chance to paint Tories as “split” on the issue.

The one thing these issues have in common is the impression they give the electorate: Narrow concerns, mainly of interest to political wonks, of little relevance to the issues facing people RIGHT NOW. Opinion polls suggest the electorate sort of agree, but put these issues very low down on the list of priorities. Going ON and ON about them turns people off, and will make a disastrous Labour government more likely.

It used to be that the Tory party’s great asset was loyalty. No more. On the big stuff, Cameron’s a decentralising, fiscally responsible conservative who’s doing more to deliver reformed public services than any previous PM. So deep are the reforms in Welfare, Health and Education that entire Whitehall departments are in near-open revolt. Unfortunately, much of the Tory right would like to re fight the Maastricht negotiations and the Miner’s strike (and if possible, the Falklands too). This is just stupid.

Like a heroin addict coming off the junk, 2% real terms cuts to public spending is about as much as an economy can bear. You want MORE & faster? Why, when the UK’s debt position is manageable? You want to openly fight Europe FOR THE SAKE OF IT? You want to tell 2/3ds of the electorate their children are thick as mince? You want to let the Labour party call Tories “homophobes”. You think UKIP’s more than the provisional wing of the local Golf-Club committee, having a gin-soaked rant about immigrants? You’re a fucking moron.

Yes. The UKIP manifesto is a wishlist of Tory masturbatory fantasies. Vote for them, you get Labour. Get behind the PM and deliver his radical agenda on Spending, Welfare, Health and Education – all of which is viciously opposed by Labour & it’s myrmidons in the Public-sector unions, but will leave the country much better off. Because if you don’t Miliminor and Continuity Gordon Brown will get a go to run the country on behalf of their union paymasters instead.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    And the urgent need for homosexual marriage is?

    It has been forgotten that marriage is for the benefit of society and there is no benefit to society from homosexual marriage or indeed homosexuality, unless we are determined to non-breed the species into extinction.

    However when the BBC frequently manages to field two homosexuals to one of that other sub-species, that dare not say its name, in its programmes I can help but feel it is just a fad (or a means to keep in a job).

  2. Malcolm Bracken
    Malcolm Bracken says:

    And the urgent need for the state to prevent two people making a public affirmation of their committment to each other is…

    If you don't approve of Gay Marriage, don't marry a Gay.

  3. Simon Jester
    Simon Jester says:

    "You think UKIP's more than the provisional wing of the local Golf-Club committee, having a gin-soaked rant about immigrants? You're a fucking moron."

    I clearly haven't been paying enough attention to UKIP – I don't recall much in the way of rants (gin-soaked or otherwise) about immigrants.

    And if you think "2% real term cuts" (or to put it another way, sub-inflation rises) in expenditure constitute a radical agenda, then you're a 10th generation descendant of inbreeding fucking morons.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Excellent post. This needs to be sent to the Telegraph screen licking horders and Nadine Doris fancying loons who are doing everything to put Labour back into power

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Well, when they actually get round to the reforms, as opposed to talking about reforms.

    Then they can have a round of applause.

  6. Luke
    Luke says:

    Simon Jester, UKIPPERs don't need to be gin sodden to rant about immigration, they are quite capable of doing it sober.

    And 2% real terms cuts is nothing? Carry on for five years, get re-elected, starts to add up.


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