When the Law’s an Ass, Try a Nudge.

The motorway speed limit of 70mph is probably the most widely ignored law in the UK. Even when there’s a police car, they do 68mph, you pass them at a stately 72 or so before putting your foot down again. Almost everyone drives on a clear motorway between 70-90mph. This is because cars have got safer and faster. Brakes and Tyres are better.

However average speeds have been dropping recently (and this has led to a reduction in fatalities). The reason has nothing to do with policing, which has been reduced, and certainly nothing to do with enforcement as the Motorway network does not have fixed speed cameras. It is a combination of high fuel prices and the fact modern cars tell you how much fuel you’re using as you’re going along.
Does anyone else try to keep the MPG above 40 on a motorway cruise? If you realise that you double your miles per gallon by dropping from 85 to 70 mph, you’re more likely to set the cruise control at the lower speed and relax. The best thing about this is there’s no government campaign. Private business has given people a data point they’d previously only considered in abstract, and customers respond. The speed limit should be 80mph or higher and enforced strictly.
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  1. thespecialone
    thespecialone says:

    I certainly have slowed down over years. Possibly not only the price of fuel but because I am now in my 50s and would not dream of driving as fast as I did when I was in my 20s…even though my car is far superior (relatively to cars in the 80s), than what I had then Mark III Ford Escort.


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