Labour’s dishonesty on tax.

There are few things that annoy me more than watching Labour complain about a “tax-cut for the rich”. The top rate of tax is higher under the coalition than it was for all but one month of Labour’s time in office. The rate was raised as a nasty political ploy in order to trap the coalition. Labour raised a tax, knowing it would be damaging, simply so they could accuse the Tories of being “for the rich”. I cannot think of anything more damaging than using the tax-system to score political points.

This is why Labour ruin everything, every time they get into power.

Never, ever let them get in again.

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  1. Antisthenes
    Antisthenes says:

    "Never, ever let them get in again."

    Unfortunately it is not up to you or me to ensure that. The rest of those who vote the majority of which are so fastened to the teat of taxpayers largess engineered by Labour when in government and not adequately reversed when they are not that their continual return to office is assured so that largess is perpetuated.

  2. Gareth
    Gareth says:

    Sorry, but even if the Tory party's policies make twenty times as much sense as the Labour opposition's contradictory ramblings (I hesitate to call them policies), most people will still not vote for them. They will feel dirty and immoral for doing so, such is the scale of the propaganda victory of the left. Labour will be swept into power in 2015.


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