On Germany’s “Morality”

Germany’s population is falling, German women are breeding below replacement rates and so they have 1.7m empty homes. Thus offering to house 800,000 Syrians is a great deal easier for Germany than it is for the UK, which has net migration of more than 300,000 last year, plus something of a baby-boom (now tailing off). Germany can, and indeed needs, more immigrants. The UK does not. Syrian immigrants solve a problem for Germany – low housing prices, declining population and economic drift in many regions. The very same people in the UK would merely add to pressure on housing, and do little to boost an already strong economy.

Build more houses you say? The UK is building at capacity, there’s a shortage of Bricks and Brickies, and we’re not keeping up.

So there you go. It’s handy when morality solves a problem for you. Cheap too.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Ah yes but having encouraged migrants into the EU Germany is demanding other EU nations take more.
    They have severely underestimated the numbers that will turn up, too many even for Germany.
    And once other potential migrants realise it can be done and others have successfully made the trip they'll be more, millions more.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Saudi Arabia won't take a single refugee but have offered to build the Germans a new mosque for every 100 that they take. Liberal Europe has lost it's mind. A hundred years from now Europeans will be a minority in their own homelands. Think for a moment how minorities fare in muslim nations. God help you because you obviously won't help yourselves. What a shame.


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