Hail, Trump! God-Emperor of the Alt.Right

And Let’s be honest, he’s ghastly and despite brown-nosing by Nigel Farage, he’s no friend of the UK’s, because he doesn’t value anything the UK brings to the table. Rumour has it, he asked Farage to intervene in an offshore windfarm decision affecting his Scottish interests, which suggests he doesn’t understand the concept of ‘conflicts of interests’ when in elected office.
This further suggests Trump will attempt to use the office of President to enrich himself, rather than doing so after leaving office, as is accepted. All this is rather feudal; the office holder as gold-giver, distributing patronage and receiving tribute. He’s an entertainer and showman, which hails to an even older tradition of politics: that of Imperial Rome, where emperors used state coffers to enrich themselves and their clients,while keeping the mob quiet with bread and circuses.
Donald J. Trump is psychologically unsuited to office in a mature democracy. He is thin-skinned, autocratic, insecure, ignorant, and completely without any understanding of the levers of power he now wields. Much like (later caricatures of?) Nero, Commodus or Caligula.
Despite (or perhaps because of) this, the adolescent losers of Alt.Right see Trump as a God-Emperor (no, really they do. Video surfaced today of people making Roman Salutes, saying “Hail Trump”, and distribute Memes based on Games Workshop’s futuristic figure-based tabletop wargame, Warhammer 40,000 where humanity is defended from Chaos by a psychic God Emperor). If Trump is Imperator, then the Secret Service is a Praetorian Guard. And how did the Praetorian serve Commodus, to pick one example?
Trump might, were he capable of reading a book, muse on the fact he’s surrounded by armed men sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and defend it from Enemies DOMESTIC and foreign. Thankfully, the USA is a mature democracy. Where once armed men acted as kingmaker, courts now do. For the simple reason Ignorance is no defence, and the fact that Trump’s loathing of ‘Washington’ is fully reciprocated, I find it unlikely that Trump will survive his term alive and unimpeached. Unfortunately I cannot find odds on a Trump impeachment before 2020. Perhaps it’s a racing certainty.
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  1. John Farren
    John Farren says:

    But the Orange Overlord would have to something reallly outrageous, not just arguably illegal.
    Otherwise getting the a majority of Representatives to impeach, and two thirds of Senators to convict, might be difficult given that a lot of Republicans will be scared of primary challenges from the Trumpkins.

  2. Malcolm Bracken
    Malcolm Bracken says:

    There isn't an "EU army" you galloping tosspot. There's an EU RRC with troops provided by the nations. Perhaps sensible given Donald trump's attitude to NATO. You are utterly brain-dead. Seriously, you must've been stupid & ignorant enough to vote for brexit, you worthless express-reading sack of UKIP vomit.

  3. anartfan
    anartfan says:

    People have been belittling Trump from the moment he announced, now he is President. He pays no homage to the usual political correctness and that alarms people. He is surrounded by great conservative thinkers. In truth the constitution protects us from even the likes of Obama going too far afield. It is no doubt going to be different, and that can be unsettling, but I suspect many good things will come before Mr. Trump is done. Wait and see.

  4. jerred seisyll
    jerred seisyll says:

    I see your politics quality is going the way of your economics . People accepted the Clinton s speech tours ?
    Not sure what the point of the neo liberal rear guard action is .
    Maybe you drew the short straw .
    First law in politics . If you produce crap , you will be mocked .


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